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    Overview of the hardware product development stages: POC EVT DVT PVT explained

    hardware development process and lifecycle

    There is also a chance to work with potential customers to gain better insights on the design and features of the product. After receiving the preview of the product concept from the early prototype, 2D and 3D models of the product are developed to add the feel of a market product. The design stage includes the processes of market research, proof of concept, and modeling. The main task during DVT is to conduct software quality assurance (SQA) test, pressure and temperature test, bug test and security standard test. If products fail to pass the test, companies will be able to know how to improve the quality of their products accordingly.

    Engineering validation and testing (EVT)

    Depending on the product and market, production is carried out in batches, with each batch typically increasing in volume. Having established how to meet functional requirements, this next stage is where detailed product design occurs. Your team develops mechanical designs and selects materials to meet the final form, fit, and aesthetic requirements outlined in the PRD. For example, supply chain issues might mean a launch delay, customers might not want the product you build, or you might fail to meet the necessary product regulatory and quality standards. After you’ve gathered the product and user experience requirements, it’s time to start putting together a real product in your PCB design tools.

    Designing an agile engineering organization

    Design teams that work remotely need to access a consistent set of PCB design data to stay productive and close the loop on hardware development cycles. This type of solution can only be found on a cloud platform that integrates with your design tools. Perhaps the most important group in the product design process is your customers and end users. If you want a hardware development cycle to produce a useful product that works properly, you’ll need to gather their product requirements before you begin a design.

    Agile hardware development explained

    When transitioning to agile, the iterative and incremental process can run concurrently with the traditional process of scoping, building a business case, development, testing, and validation, known as the stage-gate process. The combination gives teams the best of both worlds; the stage-gate process provides the bigger picture and milestone targets, while agile methods inform the day-to-day approach. A large, complex equipment manufacturing company structured its agile teams to match the function of the products in the portfolio. Each team was responsible for a specific function across different product applications, meaning they gained in-depth knowledge of the function in several different products. This level of insight—and the stability of keeping team members together over time—helped teams spot similarities across products. The group dedicated to the functional decomposition pipeline was able to spot opportunities for reusing equipment across different product lines, helping to minimize waste and bring down material costs.

    hardware development process and lifecycle

    The objective of the DVT is to fix the design (i.e. dimensions, weight, materials, finish, moving mechanical parts) and rationalize the final product’s features. There is a whole range of acronyms standing for various types of hardware prototypes in between Concept and Mass Production (MP). In the development and Prototyping phase, there are different prototypes being made and they all serve very different purposes. For example, the manufacturing operation may need more capacity or a particular machine or tool.

    Conduct in-depth market research

    Each phase in the hardware product development lifecycle has a distinct purpose, set of goals, and exit criteria. If you are designing a hardware electronics product, Cadence’s suite of design and analysis tools can help you with the development process. Cadence tools offer a full range of product lifecycle management functionalities that can ensure data effectivity to optimize your design and manufacturing processes. At the same time, they must ensure their products minimize manufacturing costs and are manufactured to meet deadlines. A tiny mistake in any step of the hardware product development process can cost money, time, or both.

    1. For instance, you should be aware of the following things before you embark on your product journey.
    2. This might sound like a simple task, but if you miss a simple product requirement, you might be setting yourself up for an extensive redesign.
    3. Sometimes you have an intelligent connected technology that can solve many problems, but you don’t know which problem to start with first.
    4. Specific goals for your product might be attaining a particular market share in your industry, expanding your product line, or enhancing overall customer satisfaction with another existing offering.

    The engineering BOM will often cover many interdependent systems and components that require careful design and testing. Unfortunately, defining, documenting, and keeping track of these components becomes a significant administrative burden without the right tools. This results in multiple bills of material (BOMs); typically, an engineering BOM for the hardware product, a manufacturing BOM, and a sales BOM. PVT is complete when product performance and quality meet the standards in the PRD, and you’ve established the supply chain. You’re ready to order parts at acceptable lead times and pricing, and the assembly and test procedures are repeatable and reliable.

    This means that they also only have one aim to fulfill, one skill set to hone, and one priority at a time. And this is true of the whole team, with everyone’s full focus on the project at hand, with shared KPIs and timelines. This article is tailored for those who are on their path of shaping a new product development strategy. Nearly limitless integrations give you flexibility to build the hardware tech stack your team deserves. A lot can go wrong, but Duro helps ensure everyone on the project can access the latest data.

    Through extensive use of virtualization and learning in the digital world, General Motors cut the Hummer EV’s launch time in half [1]. This is because digital engineering shifts learning to the left by integrating virtual drawings, models, and simulations to get feedback before creating physical parts. Twenty years ago, businesses struggled to deliver value to their customers due to bottlenecks in software development. Software practitioners began applying Agile practices and created new technologies such as virtualization, microservices, and infrastructure-as-code, accelerating execution and driving innovations. Today, organizations that employ these Agile practices and development innovations deliver value significantly faster with higher quality. This is what makes the agile processes for hardware development so interesting, since quick changes can be made and still obtain great results in the prototype.

    This approach—commonly referred to as the waterfall model—asks teams to adhere to the requirements and scope set out at the beginning of the project and prioritizes bringing a complete product to market. But, by the time the product gets to market, customer needs may have partially or completely changed, which is both frustrating for the engineers, and costly for the company. In contrast, the Agile Manifesto favors a process wherein feedback is sought in each loop, thereby avoiding the pitfalls of a more linear approach (Exhibit 1). The ideation or requirements phase is the initial phase of the hardware product development lifecycle.

    The POC's only purpose is to make sure that your product idea is doable using what is technologically feasible at the present moment. We’ll use breadboards, microcontrollers, sensors, jumper wires and other electronic components in order to get a POC. MistyWest has supported hardware startup clients by making introductions and offering them exceptional engineering to build better products. We have dozens of product development case studies and have achieved extraordinary customer experiences that win awards. The purpose of hardware prototyping during product engineering is to answer those hard questions, ranging from technical unknowns to getting a better understanding of your end-users and/or market. This enables our engineers to learn about technical challenges while our clients learn more about their users.

    hardware development process and lifecycle

    It can be tempting, but hiring inexperienced engineering talent, especially for novel technologies, will inevitably increase your NRE cost and delay your product development. Hiring an engineering consultancy enables founders to set their own terms for budget, quality and timeline. Believe us; MistyWest has been called in to rescue many projects where the client could have saved a fortune if they had involved us much sooner. Preliminary designing is done to address the gaps between the design concept and the actual design. Start with the System—Level Block diagram to specify all the electronic functions and how they interconnect with other functional components.

    For instance, an iPhone case would only have a plastic component and none of the others would matter. Or maybe you are just trying to launch an educational development kit (such as the Arduino), so you don’t really need a case or software. You can also download a MistyWest capabilities statement to learn more about our expertise in idea generation, product design and productization. If you’re looking for more guidance on your hardware startup’s journey, reach out to a MistyWest business developer at [email protected] and share the problem you’re solving. There are a number of options for debt financing (i.e. taking out a loan), and as your hardware startup increases its assets and revenue, additional options from traditional lending institutions will become available. Several funds and venture capitalist firms specialize in debt financing, including Espresso Capital and Vistara Capital.

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