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Who we are?

Sale & rental has been long out of the "Neighborhood Broker" domain.
With so many properties on the market, business differentiation takes on new meaning.
Deep digital footprint combined with professional service and meticulous transaction planning are the winning formula.
We are a boutique office that specializes in the inner ring of Gush Dan and provides creative ways of accessing customers looking for buying, investing and renting solutions.

Prototyping your business

Everything is in the small details.

In recent years we have advised, sold, rented, managed and provided service to thousands of private and business customers including senior executives, large companies and opinion leaders.
We know exactly how to sell your apartment and get you a winning deal.

  • Get personal response service 24/6
  • Checking buyers / tenants in advanced systems.
  • Experts in mediation and negotiation management.
  • Recommended valuation estimate - according to data from the Tax Authority and relevant databases
    *Not a substitute for appraisals*

It's time to exploit the full potential of your apartment with the help of an expert on our behalf.
Questions? Objections? Undecided? We will be happy to listen to everything with tolerance, direct and advise.
When the picture becomes clear, we can sell your apartment at record speed and at the maximum price.

Service Features

Service Features

Newspaper advertising, bulletin boards, leading content sites and sponsored social media.

Use of advanced mailing systems to manage customers and maximize effective inquiries.

Full collaboration with regional realtors, your property is a top priority.

Professional photography, creative creativity, marketing and advertising in a quality and meticulous market segmentation.

Selling the property at a click

Turn the property into a brand and motivate more potential buyers to purchase, find out how to sell your property more easily.

Our expertise

Sales Representation

Market price analysis, advertising and locating a potential buyer, negotiating and embroidering the deal in silk gloves.

Purchase Representation

Your dream apartment is one click away, we take care to pay attention to all the little details that really matter to you.

Rental Representation

Finding quality and potential tenants in a short period of time with a strong emphasis on the issue of collateral and guarantors.

Property Management

Annual services including for your property, all suppliers in one place, peace of mind guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the Q&A below to find your answer

  • The realtor will be able to raise your eyebrows about things that seem "obvious " and improve marketing.
    The realtor is with the client when he enters the property and more than that when he "leaves " the property.
    At the decision-making stage, at the most critical-intermediary stage there, he can complete and correct faulty and incomplete information.
    In conducting negotiations when each party is fortified in its position and ego games are taking place - no compromise can be reached and as a result you may lose a deal.
    An ideal negotiation is just one that is conducted through the mediator.

  • A good realtor will make a huge saving in time and energy, will put an end to the repeated wanderings, will examine the property with a professional eye and will be able to present you with a number of apartments that will score a stamp to your liking.

  • We believe very much in people and less in numbers, we only need one buyer, only one apartment.
    And we will personally make sure that this happens, moreover we have full cooperation with the agents of the bureau.

  • The word exclusivity is sometimes daunting, but it guarantees you the full commitment to maximum effort on our part, it is more correct for you to work with us exclusively.

  • Sale of an apartment - 2% + VAT as required by law.
    Rent - rent of one month + VAT as required by law.
    Property - Depending on the property, call and we will be happy to match a relevant package.

  • Certainly, we have at our disposal a full package of selected service providers among them:
    Real Estate Lawyer, Real Estate Appraiser, Mortgage Consultant, Cleaning Company, Execution Contractor and Leading Architect.

  • We have warm recommendations and receipts, you can be impressed by a quick Google search.

It's time to act

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