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We’ll provide you with VIP treatment while delivering the same support as a major corporation!

Inspired by the world of investment management, we’ll provide you with a level of care unique to the real estate industry. Our personal and patient approach is tailored to help you achieve your financial goals while preventing you from making costly mistakes along the way. We pride ourselves in our ability to manage your real estate transactions in a compassionate and understanding manner while providing you with the same support that you would receive from a major corporation.

Our areas of expertise:

Real estate transaction management for sellers

Sale preparations, digital marketing, sourcing potential buyers, and conducting negotiations on your behalf to maximize your income.

Real estate transaction management for buyers

Locating and examining the property while providing a detailed breakdown of its characteristics. Helping you find your dream property while keeping within your budget.

Real estate transaction management for investors

Pre-registration checks, estimated taxes, and legal checks and planning.

Who we are:

Ofek Meir Real Estate is a boutique real estate firm established by Avraham Nir. Our professional and experienced team remains committed to our mission: to provide you with solutions that achieve your economic goals while treating you with professionalism and patience from beginning to end.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • A real estate deal goes far beyond just advertising. Real estate managers handle all the complex aspects of a transaction, including:

    • Marketing: the real estate manager will show you the hidden aspects of marketing and help you improve your results

    • Customer service: the real estate manager remains with you until you enter your property and, most, importantly, when you leave the property

    • Decision-making at the most critical stages: the real estate manager will help you to fill in and rectify incorrect information and complete missing information

    • Negotiation management: when negotiations are deadlocked, the real estate manager will help you reach a compromise. That way, you can avoid missing out on a worthwhile business deal

  • A real estate manager will actually help you save money in the long run. By examining the property with a professional eye and identifying problems that are difficult to detect, the right real estate manager can save you time, money, and effort.

  • We believe in quality, not quantity. This mantra is evident in our commitment to providing you with winning customer service. Our team are members of the Bureau of Real Estate Brokers in the Gush Dan district.

  • While a daunting concept, exclusivity is what guarantees that we can put our maximum effort into delivering the best service to you.

  • We are transparent when it comes to revealing our costs. For property sales, you’ll receive 98% of the sale income while we’ll take 2% + VAT. For renting, we take an amount to the value of one month’s rent + VAT while providing you with quality tenants.

  • Absolutely! We have an extensive range of experts at your disposal, including a real estate attorney, real estate appraiser, mortgage consultant, cleaning company, execution contractor and leading architect.

  • Yes! We recently received the “Public Trust” award and have received plenty of positive customer feedback which you can find with a quick Google search.

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Business Name: Ofek Meir Real Estate
Business address: Bialik 59 Entrance A, Ramat Gan

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